George Hunter George Hunter in Hong Kong by: Uknown
Ken Bell Ken Bell - Photo by: George Hunter, R.C. A.
Simon Bell Simon Bell
Robert Berdan Robert Berdan - Photo by: Donna Berdan
Edward Burtynsky Edward Burtynsky
Ted Grant Ted Grant
Bert Hoferichter Bert Hoferichter
Malak Karsh Malak Karsh - Photo by: George Hunter, R.C. A.
Albert Lee Albert Lee - Photo by: James Clark
Nick Morant Nick Morant - Photo by: George Hunter, R.C. A.
Lou Perrin Lou Perrin - Photo by: George Hunter, R.C. A.
Scott Rickard Scott Rickard - Photo by: Margaret Rickard
Harry Rowed Harry Rowed - Photo by: George Hunter, R.C. A.
Budd Watson Budd Watson - Photo by: George Hunter, R.C. A.
George Webber George Webber - Photo by: George Webber
George Hunter George Hunter - Photo by: Carl Heibert
George Hunter George Hunter at Calgary Stampede by: Lou Perrin
Margaret Lansdale Margaret Lansdale
Robert Lansdale Robert Lansdale
Norman Piluke Norman Piluke
Eric Hayes Eric Hayes
Boris Spremo, CM Boris Spremo, CM
Christian Gavin Christian Gavin

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