Death on the ice

Discover an incredible story of greed, suffering and heroism in Death on the Ice. In the winter of 1914, 132 ill-clad seal hunters from Newfoundland were stranded on an ice field in the North Atlantic for two freezing days and nights. With almost no food or shelter to guard against the constant, bitter winds, they had to keep moving to survive. Cassie Brown describes these horrifying hours in a rich narrative evoking the essence of terror.

Bartlett: The Great Exploroer

Discover the life story of the greatest Canadian ice captain who ever lived in Bartlett the Great Explorer. Travel with him as he guides impressive ships to the north coast of Ellesmere Island and makes 28 voyages into the Canadian Arctic. Besides piloting some of the most famous exploring voyages of all time, Robert Bartlett made four arctic voyages for the American government and 16 expeditions of his own, gathering an immense wealth of scientific knowledge. Dive in and meet a colourful and controversial character whose extraordinary courage and tenacity are of heroic proportions.

Life & Times of Captain Bob Bartlett

From the glory of Canada's maritime past comes the life story of one of the great sea captains of the far north - Bob Bartlett. Born in 1875 in the tiny outport of Brigus, Newfoundland, as a child Bartlett dreamed of a life at sea. After many years of haunting the wharves of St. John's, he finally joined the sealing fleet at age 16. The lure of the sea would never leave him. For 50 years, Bartlett dedicated and risked his life to explore the cruellest waters on earth. He led 20 major Arctic expeditions - more than any other explorer - and helped measure and conquer Canada's forbidding northern frontier.
Length: 45:00