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Over the years and with the input of the staff of the National Archives of Canada, we have improved and modified the gates. After running into constant problems with copying film with high shrinkage, we made the transportation pins adjustable to accommodate shrunken film.
35mm wet gate
28mm wet gate
We also modified the wet gate plates in order to eliminate the registration pins while still maintaining registration of the film. This also made it possible to add a frame line adjustment system which could either lower or raise the frame line to accommodate film where the image was not in proper line to the sprocket holes.

16/mm wet gate

16mm modified wet gate
I'm sure many of you might find operating without registration pins a little unsettling, but let me assure you the gate keeps perfect registration - no movement or ghosting when copying film. These gates have been in operation for the last eight years at the National Film Archives of Canada in Ottawa, and for the past two years at the Library of Congress in Dayton, Ohio.

Regular 8 & Super 8mm wet gates

9.5mm wet gate
 N.B. In order to use these gates on the Optical Printer, we had to modify the cam system of the printer. Also important to note is that these gates can be made to handle any film format.

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