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Here's a digital scanner's ideal setup; custom film rewinds, and a set of specially formatted film scanner gates. The gates can be made in any film format; 35mm/28mm/16mm/9.5mm/S8mm/8mm.

*NOTE* This is not a continuous fed film scanner. This is a manual film scanner for single frame images only.

Also showcased is an Olympus ES-10S slide film scanner, a rare consumer scanner that features a rare open film slot for making quick scans of motion picture film. With this scanner and these special gates there's no need to cut the film into slides or strips like most other commercial scanners.

At the National Archives of Canada this scanner was used to capture single frames of subtitles. Imported into Photoshop, and using the original scan as a template, the subtitles were reconstructed into a more legible state. The digital file was then sent off to a local service bureau, and scanned back to film. After processing, the frame was placed on the optical printer where it was frozen and extended to create a continuous shot of motion picture film! (Click here to see a before and after shot of the title)