Klaus Linnenbruegger (KL), is a trained tool and die maker originally from Bielefeld, Germany. After emigrating to Canada in 1970, he started working for Trnka & Associates, who designed, manufactured and serviced 16mm news cameras and related equipment. In 1978 he left Trnka & Associates to join Crawley Films in Ottawa.

"At Crawleys, I maintained and repaired all the equipment used in the production and post production of motion picture films. This included equipment such as M. P. cameras and sound recorders, processing machines, printers, cleaning machines, editors and related equipment."

"I went on my own in 1979 and started to work on a contract basis for the National Archives of Canada to service their motion picture equipment. Since then I have specialized in the service and manufacturing of Archival motion picture equipment."

"Due to the nature of copying archival films, (deteriorated, shrunken, scratches, etc.,), very specialized equipment is needed to handle the sometimes priceless, and unique footage. I have been called on to research, design, manufacture, install, and maintain such equipment."

"I have been involved in the day to day operation of the National Archives of Canada for the design, manufacture, and maintenance of their film equipment. This also includes the re-design and modification of equipment."

Some of my clients since 1979;

National Archives of Canada
Provincial Archives of Alberta
Provincial Archives of Manitoba
Canadian Broadcasting Corporation
Provincial Archives of British Columbia
Provincial Archives of New Brunswick
Provincial Archives of Saskatchewan
Provincial Archives of Ontario
Northeast Historic Film
Library of Congress
Archives of Venezuela
New York University